The Fourth Of July, the favorite summer holiday, is one of the days that you just have to spend outside and celebrate this spirited day. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend some time together with your family and friends, have some fun, and relax. From party games to trying out new barbecue grilling recipes, there are lots of fun activities and at-home ideas to keep everyone entertained this Independence Day. We’ve put together a list of just some of the Fourth of July activities you can do with your family and friends to celebrate the holiday.

Make DIY Fourth Of July Decorations Together

Oftentimes, one of the best aspects of the Fourth of July is decorating. Making DIY red, white, and blue decorations is a fun way to get the whole family involved and get those creative juices flowing. Everyone can make their own statement pieces and work together to decorate the entire home inside and out. There are a lot of easy, cost-effective decorations you can make or put together to get in the Independence Day spirit. Check out this great list from Red Tricycle to give you some ideas to start with.

Backyard Movie Night

What’s more fun than going to a movie with the family? Setting up a fun, comfortable movie night out in your own backyard. This is a great Fourth of July activity for the movie buffs in your family and creates an opportunity to still spend time outside with the family. Set up a screening of a great All-American movie - complete with cozy seating - all in your backyard. You can even include a spread of your favorite movie snacks and drinks in close reach. Here’s a list of All-American movies to help you decide on a feature.


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Go Camping In The Backyard

If you and your family are regular outdoor wanderers who enjoy camping but can’t make it to a real campsite this year, try backyard camping for the Fourth of July. You can even complete the scene with a firepit campfire and s’mores. Set up a tent and everything just like you would at a campsite, enjoy dinner outside, and spend some time under the stars around a fire. Check out this list from Family Handyman for all of the backyard camping essentials you’ll need. 


Backyard Barbecue

Many people will argue that the Fourth of July is not complete without a barbecue. Cooking outside on a grill or smoker always makes for a good, family-friendly activity and a way to bring friends and neighbors together. You can cook a whole feast, sides and all, on the grill. But this year, kick your barbecue skills up a notch and learn insider tips and secrets straight from the pros. 

The step-by-step online barbecue cooking classes from us here at BBQ Champs Academy provide an inside look at exactly how the pros cook competition-worthy barbecue so you can learn too! You can even get the whole family involved and cook together while learning something new. You can check out the easy-to-follow recipes included in the backyard barbecue cooking classes. Or take it up a notch and tackle smoking brisket or master how to perfectly grill steak like the Champion Pitmasters and Grillmasters.

Also, if you are wanting to barbecue food that will impress your family and friends make sure you’ve got quality fuel like the pros use. Champion Pitmasters and Grillmasters like Joey Smith, Mark Lambert, and Shawna Roppolo all rely on the high-quality products from B & B Charcoal. Including charcoal, wood pellets, wood chunks, and more.

If you are heading to a Fourth of July barbecue at a family member or friend’s house (particularly one who loves outdoor cooking), check out the great gift baskets B & B Charcoal has available right now!


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Have A Picnic

If you plan on having a barbecue on the Fourth of July, that doesn’t have to be the only meal outside. You can start the day off with a fun brunch picnic. Whether you are organizing a picnic with friends or with family, make sure to include some of everyone’s favorite picnic food items and drinks. Don’t forget the champagne for the adults! (Or even boozy popsicles) Spend some time outside in the sun and enjoy a fun meal while you’re at it. Check out this recipe roundup and list of picnic essentials from All Recipes.


Fourth Of July Bingo

If you are looking for a fun activity to do with the kids (or to keep them entertained), try 4th of July Bingo. You can easily make your own patriotic Bingo cards using cardstock paper and stickers to mark the boxes. With this game, the kids can have a great time inside and outside of the house throughout the day while hunting down each item on their card. You can even give away small prizes or treats to the winners for added fun. Check out this free 4th Of July printable game from Studio DIY.


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Play Lawn Games

With the huge variety of different games you can play, getting everyone together to play lawn games is a great example of one of the Fourth of July activities you can do. Whether you have a group of adults getting together or younger kids playing also, there is something for everyone. Some examples include cornhole, football toss (through hula hoops hanging from tree limbs), capture the American flag, or even volleyball. Have some competitive fun and get everyone involved in playing outside. Check out this great DIY tutorial from Oola on how to make your own set of cornhole boards for the Fourth of July.


Visit A State Or National Park

After spending a lot of time inside lately, take a drive and spend some time outside at a local State or National park. Chances are you won’t have to drive far to spend some quality time outside with family and friends in nature. These protected areas often provide breathtaking scenic views and provide an opportunity to take in the peaceful surroundings. You can use this directory to find your closest state park, and check out this roundup of 11 great national parks to visit.

Before visiting a park, make sure to check the park website to determine its current operating status based on phased reopenings due to COVID-19.


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Get Creative With Your Fourth Of July Activities This Year

These are just a few examples of some fun outdoor Fourth of July activities you can do with your family and friends this Independence Day, all without having to go far. You can put together a day filled with fun, great food, and great company creating memories you won’t forget. Get creative and spend your Fourth of July outside doing things that everyone will love to participate in together.

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